Whenever I write a WordPress post,

I feel like it should be serious. More so than other social media, anyway. I don’t use Tumblr, but I always feel like I could write about anything and everything on the site if I wanted.

But I think I’ll change my view of WordPress. I need a place I can live again. Somewhere away from the roaring traffic and bustling streets. A safe-haven.

I have a blog for creative writing and a place I go for language learning, but no real place for everything at once. A place in which I can dip into things whenever I want. And that’s really what the brain is, at the end of the day: an odd mush of eclectic thoughts. So why not make a blog in the same vein?

I think my need for categories have hindered my creativity in the past. But no more! I hope we have a safe, happy voyage together.

I’m excited. See you soon!